What You Need to Know About Your Laser Lipo Sessions at PÚR MedSpa  

What You Need to Know About Your Laser Lipo Sessions at PÚR MedSpa

In our busy lives, finding time for traditional weight loss methods can be a challenge. That’s why many are turning to laser lipo sessions, a safe and pain-free alternative. This non-invasive procedure can help you eliminate fat cells in a short period of time, making it an efficient solution for those with hectic schedules. 

Emerald Laser by Erchonia, the world’s first FDA-approved non-invasive green laser, is a testament to their more than 25 years of experience in low-level laser therapy. This revolutionary process is not only safe and productive for anyone with a BMI up to 40, but it also offers an expedited timeline of results in as little as eight individual sessions. Rest assured, we’ll delve into what these laser lipo sessions entail and how Emerald Laser can positively impact your weight loss journey. 

Understanding How Laser Lipo Works 

Laser lipolysis is a relatively new clinical fat reduction method, but this approach has been refined by by-products such as Emerald Laser, which uses scientifically proven technology to not only target fat cells directly but also naturally release the deposits back into the lymphatic system. 

During your laser lipo treatment at PÚR MedSpa, a technician will use a low-intensity laser to direct a singular light towards your problem areas. This precision allows the heat to focus on a highly specific zone. As the laser penetrates the skin and targets the fat cells directly, it creates a hole in the cellular membrane of the adipocytes (fat cells). The emulsified liquids then pass through this hole into the lymphatic system, where they are safely eliminated. This targeted approach should reassure you about the effectiveness of our treatment. 

Emerald’s green laser technology uses ten 532-nanometer lasers to target fat cells in numerous body parts, ranging from common areas like the hips, stomach, and waist to smaller problem areas like the back, neck, or ankles. Once the laser bores holes in the targeted adipocytes and the lipids drain out, the fat cells remain intact to live on. This starkly contrasts with competitors who elect to destroy these cells completely, which can lead to unexpected unwanted deposits building up in new areas. 

Benefits and Limitations of Laser Lipo 

Clinical testing in at least three double-blind experiments has verified that Erchonia’s state-of-the-art technology has no known negative side effects, and treatments remain relatively painless. In fact, most patients feel nothing at all. Not only is this welcome news to those who aren’t fans of invasive liposuction procedures, but it’s also an exciting alternative for people looking for quick results. 

The cutting-edge advancements of the Emerald Laser have allowed there to be no downtime after your laser lipo sessions, meaning you can schedule them into your routine without having to plan ahead for elongated surgeries or worry about committing handfuls of hours a week to physical activity or calorie counting. Sessions only take about 30 minutes, so you can drop in for your laser lipo treatments during your lunch break, before work, or even while the kids are at practice. With no ache and such a short turnaround time, you’ll be back to your regularly planned activities without worry. 

Preparing for Laser Lipo Sessions 

You’ll want to consider a few things before jumping into laser lipolysis treatment at PÚR MedSpa, which begins with what your overall goals will be and which problem areas you’d like to see addressed. You can start by watching our helpful virtual consultation video to learn and understand more about how the process works and exactly how Emerald Laser’s technological prowess has made this method safer and more effective than ever before. You’ll also be able to explore more about how our clinical tests were performed and get an idea of just how monumental it is to be classified as the first-ever FDA-approved laser lipolysis procedure. 

Consulting your doctor beforehand is always a safe step to ensure you’re targeting the appropriate locations. You’ll also want to get into the weight mindset because even though our Emerald Laser is the fastest and safest way to target fat cells directly, you’ll still need to do your part to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While Erchonia has made incredible strides in the art of fat reduction, you’re responsible for doing what you can to mitigate additional weight gain by implementing regular exercise, such as walking, and eating healthier foods to deter additional fat cells from forming. 

How Many Sessions Are Necessary? 

The laser lipolysis treatment process at PÚR MedSpa takes place over several sessions. Depending on the size and number of areas focused on, you can expect significant results in as little as eight visits. However, that will largely depend on the number of specific places on the body you want to target and how much fat you’re hoping to lose. Another remarkable feat of the Emerald Laser is that it’s effective on people with a BMI of up to 40 — an industry-leading gold standard. But, it’s normal to assume that those with a higher BMI will have more laser lipo sessions than, say, those using our approach for a more minimal region. 

Expected Results and Recovery 

One of the main reasons Emerald Laser has become so popular is that its recovery time is nonexistent, meaning once you’ve completed your individual sessions, you’re free to return to your normal day. However, because laser lipo sessions are spread out over an extended period of time, results won’t begin to show until at least eight treatments are performed. Depending on your schedule, a timeline of about two months could be expected if you can tackle a certain place about once each week. Still, many patients tend to address multiple areas, so each individual’s expected results will look different depending on their unique body type and treatment choices. 

Transform Your Body with PÚR MedSpa’s Emerald Laser 

If you’re looking for a groundbreaking weight loss solution focused on targeting fat cells and more efficient, painless, and accessible than the industry competition, look no further than Emerald Laser by Erchonia. This non-invasive low-level green laser is the fastest and easiest way to break down unwanted fat with extreme precision. 

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