LED Light Therapy Treatment in Plano, TX

Rejuvenate your skin

Smooth and flawless skin is possible with LED Light Therapy  

How does it work?

Red, blue, and near infrared light are three particular light wavelengths that can be used to provide therapeutically validated quantities of light energy to target receptors within our cells. Numerous other natural bodily processes are initiated when these receptors are aroused because of the rise in cellular activity. This includes a 200% increase in cell renewal, an increase in collagen formation, and an improvement in skin plumpness and wrinkle reduction.


The principal effects of near infrared include an increase in the skin’s natural ATP levels. This is essential to several intercellular skin processes but depletes with ageing. By increasing ATP, we can improve hydration, decrease inflammation, and boost regeneration.

LED Light Therapy at PÚR Medspa, Plano, TX

The major goals of LED light treatment are inflammation reduction and anti-aging benefits on the skin. One of the alleged advantages is an increase in collagen levels in the skin, which can lessen wrinkles and other signs of ageing.


Most patients will require several sessions about a week apart to achieve their desired results. You should continue to see improvements in your problems with each treatment, and once you complete your treatment plan, you will see your final results. Patients can expect their results to last for several months or longer, but to get the best results possible, we must follow our post-treatment advice. 


No, the sensation experienced during the treatment is minimal to nonexistent. 

LED light therapy may treat and improve some skin conditions and issues. 

Many people notice some benefits from light therapy after just a few days. 


No, there is no downtime for the LED light therapy. 

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