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PÚR MedSpa and Wellness (pronounced “Pure”), formerly known as BitCare MedSpa and Wellness, represents the pinnacle of the anti-aging and wellness journey. Located in the heart of Plano, Frisco, and Southlake, we are the sanctuary for those seeking the perfect blend of beauty enhancement and wellness optimization. Our offerings are meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs, providing a comprehensive array of services from cutting-edge injectables and fillers to bespoke wellness programs that include weight loss solutions and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


At PÚR MedSpa and Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty and health, ensuring that every treatment plan is tailored to enhance your natural beauty while promoting overall well-being. Our mission is to empower you to preserve your youthfulness and embrace a life of vitality and longevity. With our expert team of medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to guiding you through your transformational journey toward a radiant, energized future.


Embrace the art of timeless beauty and the science of lasting health with PÚR MedSpa and Wellness. Let us be your partner in navigating the path to a more vibrant, youthful you.



Enhance natural beauty and promotes longevity.

Elevating beauty and vitality with cutting-edge wellness and beauty solutions for a life of enduring elegance.


A Future Where Confidence and Health Shine in Everyone

Crafting a tomorrow where everyone can unlock their true beauty and vitality, creating a community that thrives on wellness and lasting elegance.


Transforming Lives Through Beauty and Wellness

Our mission is to offer personalized, innovative beauty and wellness solutions that not only enhance your appearance but also enrich your life, ensuring every individual steps into a future of radiance and vitality.


Empowering Beauty, Wellness, and Community with Integrity and Innovation

Integrity and Compassion: We approach every interaction with honesty and empathy, understanding the unique journey of each individual.

Innovation and Excellence: Continuously advancing our practices and technologies to provide the highest quality of care and results.

Empowerment and Education: Empowering our clients with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their beauty and wellness.

Community and Connection: Fostering a supportive community where clients and staff alike can share, grow, and thrive together.

Sustainability and Responsibility: Committing to sustainable practices and responsible choices that benefit our clients and the planet.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Celebrating the unique beauty and wellness paths of all individuals, regardless of their background or journey.


About us

Who We Are 

PÚR Medspa and Wellness Clinic is a sanctuary where modern technology meets compassionate and skilled care. Located in Plano, TX, Frisco, TX, and Southlake, TX, and soon to open in four more locations within the DFW area, we are committed to providing the highest quality spa and wellness services. At BitCare, we believe that wellness is not just the absence of illness, but a state of complete physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Our Core Values 

  • Client-Centric Approach: We tailor each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of the individual client. 
  • Excellence: We pride ourselves on a team of highly skilled professionals who are constantly updated with the latest advancements in the MedSpa and wellness industry. 
  • Integrity: We commit to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in all our interactions. 
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to bringing the latest, safest, and most effective treatments to our clients. 

Our Expertise 

Our wide range of services includes advanced skin care treatments, anti-aging therapies, non-surgical body contouring, stress management, and other holistic wellness services. Our medical team consists of board-certified physicians, skilled nurses, and experienced aestheticians who are deeply committed to the well-being of our clients. 

State-of-the-Art Facility 

Our clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and luxurious amenities to ensure a comfortable and serene experience. We adhere to strict safety and hygiene protocols, guaranteeing the well-being of our clients and staff. 

Personalized Treatments 

At BitCare, we believe in the power of personalized care. We offer one-on-one consultations to understand your specific needs and goals. This enables us to develop a custom treatment plan that aligns with your wellness journey.

Clinical Consultation at PÚR Medspa and Wellness 

Your Clinical Consultation is not just another appointment—it’s the starting point of your personalized wellness journey here at PÚR Medspa and Wellness. We’ve designed our consultation approach to be educational and centered around you. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to make well-informed decisions about your aesthetic and wellness choices. When you visit, you’ll experience a customized session with a dedicated Consultation Coordinator who will thoroughly evaluate your individual goals, review your skin type and health history, and recommend tailored treatment options. Our clinical experts will provide an in-depth skin analysis and offer a detailed treatment plan designed just for you. Lastly, your Consultation Coordinator will guide you through the intricacies of your treatment, including pre-and post-care instructions, while suggesting skincare regimens that align with your goals. We encourage questions at every step of the way; after all, this journey is all about you. 

Why Choose PÚR Medspa and Wellness? 

Why should you trust us? The answer is deeply rooted in our core values—loyalty, honesty, and integrity. At PÚR Medspa and Wellness, our providers don’t just offer treatments; they offer a genuine passion for aiding you in achieving your aesthetic and wellness dreams. We pay meticulous attention to detail in all facets of our service, be it client satisfaction, the treatments we offer, or the products we recommend. 

We take immense pride in fostering meaningful relationships with our clients, beginning with our comprehensive consultation process. The focus is, and will always be, on aligning our clinical expertise with your specific wellness goals. With PÚR Medspa and Wellness, you’re not just choosing a spa; you’re opting for an elevated, personalized wellness experience that seamlessly blends clinical efficacy with spa-like luxury. 

Indulge in the ultimate wellness journey at PÚR Medspa and Wellness. 

These personalized texts aim to offer your clients a thorough understanding of what they can expect when choosing PÚR Medspa and Wellness for their treatments. 

Community Commitment 

As part of our mission, we actively participate in local health and wellness events, providing educational resources to empower our community to make informed choices about their well-being. 

Why Choose Us? 

  1. Trusted Expertise: Our team’s extensive experience and credentials ensure you receive the highest standard of care. 
  2. Cutting-edge Technology: We offer the latest treatments backed by scientific research. 
  3. Holistic Approach: We provide comprehensive solutions for both physical and emotional well-being. 
  4. Convenient Locations: Our facilities are easily accessible, providing tranquil retreats in Plano, TX, Frisco, TX, Southlake, TX, and soon to open in four more locations within the DFW area. 
  5. Exceptional Customer Service: From the moment you walk in, you’ll experience unparalleled customer service designed to put you at ease and enhance your overall experience. 

Join us at PÚR Medspa and Wellness Clinic, where your journey to holistic wellness begins. 

Meet the team

Dr. Jason Finkelstein, M.D.

Dr. Jason Finkelstein is the Medical Director and co-founder of BitCare MedSpa and Wellness. Originally from Long Island, New York, he trained in cardiology and internal medicine, but his primary focus is on wellness. Dr. Finkelstein blends his extensive medical expertise with a passion for enhancing his patients' lives. Each day brings new opportunities for him to engage with and positively impact the well-being of his patients. On a personal note, Dr. Finkelstein is married to Alice, and they have three sons: Zachary, Dylan, and Ashton. His commitment to personalized care is the driving force behind BitCare MedSpa and Wellness.

Dr. Amir Baluch, M.D.

Dr. Amir Baluch serves as the Medical Director for BitCare MedSpa and Wellness, in addition to being a board-certified anesthesiologist. With over a decade of experience in the med-spa industry, he specializes in minimally invasive aesthetics, anti-aging, and hormone replacement. He holds advanced training in medical weight loss from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Society (A4M), the only organization in the world offering level 4 aesthetic training. Not just an experienced clinician, Dr. Baluch is also a thought leader in his field, having published over 50 articles and book chapters on medical topics. He has treated thousands of patients with customized programs that aim to reverse or mitigate the effects of aging. Dr. Baluch values strong doctor-patient relationships and focuses on regenerative health, making him a perfect fit for BitCare's mission to transform wellness and beauty.

Monicca Sharma, President​

Monicca Sharma serves as the President of BitCare MedSpa and Wellness, bringing a multi-faceted background that spans entrepreneurship, wellness, and media. She is no stranger to the startup scene, having successfully launched and managed a fashion magazine and a modeling agency. Monicca's extensive background in media also includes years as a Radio Jockey (RJ), where she hosted shows on various FM and AM stations, engaging a wide audience and honing her communication skills. However, it's her keen interest in wellness and aesthetics that makes her a perfect fit for BitCare. As a long-time consumer in the wellness sector, Monicca has a deep understanding of what clients truly desire. Her firsthand experience allows her to ensure that every client's journey is as smooth, unique, and fulfilling as possible. Monicca is also committed to innovation and constantly stays updated on the latest trends and technologies in the wellness and aesthetics industry. Her vision for BitCare is to create a sanctuary that not only addresses aesthetic concerns but also contributes to overall well-being. Her leadership style is characterized by a collaborative approach, encouraging open communication between staff and clients to ensure the highest quality of care. Monicca's unique blend of entrepreneurial acumen, media savvy, and genuine passion for wellness positions her perfectly to steer BitCare MedSpa and Wellness towards becoming a market leader.

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